CD #3 Is in the Making

Oh oh. No updates, no blog, no comments for such a long time. In the age of electronic communication an absolute “no go”. I still believe that it is better to speak only if one has something interesting to say. Anyway, now I am back.

After having finished my last and 2nd CD (Road Closed) I needed a break. I am leafblowerno pop song writer. I am more of a thinker and observer type. Things that move or worry me find their way into my song lyrics. So sooner or later new songs begin to form in my head. That’s why by now I have more or less material for CD Nr. 3. Especially “the leave-blower anthem” needs to be recorded and to get out, as I was told by friends and fans.

It became clear to me that I want to explore the satirical path a bit more. So far my songs are about the strange species “politician”, observation of cats’ behaviour, a piano player in destroyed parts of Damascus, big egos, refugees we rather don’t want, the famous leaf blower, murder attempts of a loving wife, men’s inability to successfully aim in the toilette and more.

It seems this will be my project for late this year or 2017. My challenge is to find the right team of musos to arrange and record the songs. For me music is the tool to bring the lyrcis and the emotion they cause to life. Is there anyone out there who wants to assist?

So let’s see what happens next.

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Frank’s New Album: Road Closed

It took a while but finally Frank’s 2nd CD is available. “Road Closed” is a mix of ballads, poetry and satire. Again a number of great musicians in the Cairns and Douglas region have contributed to the realization of this eclectic album. Find out about the incredible  story of Azra, her mom and grandmother surviving the collapse of their apartment building caused by an earthquake in Turkey. Or hear the story of Michael who lived on the streets, got adopted and became one of the most popular black football players in the US. “Dancer on the wire” tells about Philippe Petite who’s breathtaking feats on tightropes made him famous.  A song about a love gone lost, ironical looks at blokes from the Far North of Queensland, Australia and a philosophical view on the phenomenon “time” besides poetic satirical pieces complement this collection. Sound bites can be found on

P.S.: Frank enjoys the satirical touch of his song writing and already wrote 3 new songs in 2014. Another CD to come? Who knows.

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CD #2 Soon to Be Released

Two years after Frank’s first ever CD has been released, his 2nd CD “Road Closed” is nearly finished. It has taken a bit longer than expected. Finding the right musicians and working with ten different ones to create the right sound for every song was a challenge but also great experience. The journey itself is the goal. All songs have been composed by Frank and most have been written by him as well. With stories and the basic tunes in his head he invited great musicians to work with him. It is because of them and there generosity as well as of Bass player and studio man Larry Cash that CD #2 is nearly ready to be released. Besides the usual guitars and bass, tabla, congas, violin, mandolin, piano, saxophones, flamenco guitar and supporting vocals can be heard on the new CD. Considering the tiny budget the result is a wonderful achievement. More news to follow soon.

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Work on the 2nd Album Has Begun

Frank has just started the work on his 2nd album. 14 songs are ready to be recorded. Here is some background of a few:

  1. Michael: True story about a black American boy who nearly ended up on the streets. Adopted by a white family this very talented foot ball player worked extremely hard to reach the school level he needed to be called into the school team. Given a chance by life he made all proud.  Michael ended up being a very famous American Football player. This is about given kids a chance and believing in them.
  2. Fly: This is about the unbelievable discipline and skills of disabled athletes winning gold medals at the Paralympics.
  3. Dancer on the wire: This is about Philippe Petit, the incredible high-wire artist
  4. Azra: The story about 3 woman surviving a heavy earthquake in Eastern Turkey. A true miracle.
  5. Time: A philosophical view at this man made phenomenon

2 songs will carry the lyrcis of wonderful FNQ poet  Helen Ramoutsaki and 1 song is based on a poem written by Tom McPartland. Both contributed to Frank’s first CD as well.

Frank will again work with professional musicians hoping to give every song a different touch. Trying to avoid the standard arrangements of guitars, bass and drums Frank will include Violin, Clarinet, Cello, Saxophone, Tabla & Congas instead.

Title of CD will be “Road Closed”. A picture taken during a gig at a retro like venue kick this off. The image makes a perfect CD cover. But first there was no song for it. With the help of Helen Ramoutsaki, who came up with excellent lyrics just 2 days later, this problem has been solved after Frank wrote the music to it. Seems like a good start.



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Development Update

Radio shows

Singer/songwriter, Frank Frikker, has been quite active recently. Besides regular gigs as part of the duo A Good Drop, Frank has been on ABC radio and radio 89.1 in Cairns promoting his CD.

Special Gigs in March 2012

He also was one of the feature artists of Cairns Folk’n Roots at the Arthouse end of March along with Steve Skinner/Brisbane. Earlier Frank was performing at the Community Garden Festival in Port Douglas.

Internet North Qld. Music Charts

In April he entered the on-line North Queensland music chart for the first time with his song “She’s dancing”. We expect him to make it up the ranks considering the rising number of clicks and listeners. See this link:

Next Projects

Recording a A Good Drop demo CD.

Work with regional musicians  to arrange the songs for his 2nd CD.

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Directors Award of Nashville Song Writing Competition

Franks song “She’s Dancing” has won the directors’ award of the Nashville International Song & Lyric Contest for Fall 2011. What a nice gift for Xmas the FNQ singer – songwriter.

This award keeps Frank’s song in for the big win. Watch this space!


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New Project – CD for Local Neighbourhood Centre

The Port Douglas Neighborhood Center needs more funds. So the idea came up to create a CD with original music performed by local musicians. Normally this would be rather expensive. Having just produced my new album I suggested that we should work with already recorded songs and with the local studio that recorded some of them at least. So GeckoMusic will act as producer.

So far we have received thumbs up from all musicians on our list. Next steps will be to select the songs and get legal things in order. Then all respective music files will need to go to the studio for a proper compilation and mix. In addition2 songs will be recorded with and for the Neighborhood Center.

Hopefully all is done by December. This might be challenging though.

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Successful CD Launch

The launch of Frank Frikker’s first solo CD on Sat. Aug 27th went very well. The court yard of the Clink Theater in Port Douglas created an amphitheater atmosphere, very laid back and close to the bar…

Peoples feed back was overwhelmingly positive. Here are some samples:

Well done, Frank – you really did good!  Yes, I do know about the nerves when you’re putting on your own show, so yes I have an idea of how you felt, but you relaxed into the evening and gave the audience an event to really enjoy.  Big hug, K x

Dear Frank, it was a wonderful night out!  Kudos to you, your fellow musicians and everyone who managed the event!  We agree…what a perfect venue and we were really impressed by your music and the talent of all those musicians backing you as well. Keep it up, Frank.  We will follow you on your FB page.  Thanks again! Linda and John


Omid wrote: Great presentation of your debut album Sat..

Hi Frank, it was a most enjoyable evening, thank you so much for inviting us. Further similar events would be a great idea. rds Margaret

Trudy wrote “well done Frank, it was a great night & ideal situ for your launch. Everyone enjoyed the kick back atmosphere. Thank you for the invite!”

Brooke wrote “Hey Frank, loved last night wish we didn’t have to run off so soon. Have listened to your CD twice already :).You should do some more gigs around the place.


Ritsuko wrote “Yes, Tony has mentioned that it was really great night last night as beautiful music!! Tony said he wish he would have such music talent!

Tony wrote: “Well done last night. You looked in your element. Pleased, w were there to share your joy”

Edwina wrote: It was a great night and your music was wonderful…. Now you can just relax and know it was all very appreciated by those who were lucky enough to be there. I loved the Minky whale song (Eye to Eye) the best!!!!

Hi Frank, I can honestly say that I was very impressed.  Some of the tracks I had heard before in their raw acoustic version (like Queensland which was on the Gazette CD) but with the excellent addition of the mix of musicians you enlisted the help of, the tracks had a much greater depth and feel to them.  Well produced too. Well done again, top job.  Regards Roy

Micheal wrote: Hi Frank, Sorry could not make your CD launch. Garry said it was very good. I have to say we played it last night and we both loved it – also I really like the cover. We have friends over tonight and will play it as well over dinner. Once again congratulations.

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CD Launch Party

Two years in the making Frank’s debut solo CD is ready to be launched end of August. A launch party will be held at the Clink Theatre in Port Douglas/FNQ, Australia. This has raised some interest from the local media. An interview can be seen following this link:

Not all of the wonderful musicians that contributed to the CD will be available at the launch. However, the following musos will be there: Upasana Papadopoulos – vocals, Larry Cash – bass (Larry also recorded, mastered and co-produced the CD), Edwina Kramer – German Flute, Katya Brandon – Clarinet and multi instrumentalist Peter Ella (guitar, mandolin and violin).

The launch party is by invitation only.

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Finishing Recordings for Debut CD

Nearly there – we are finishing recordings for my debut CD!

Recorded today with two wonderful musicians: Andree Baudet and Dave Martin from Kamerunga (6 piece band from Cairns). Lovely musos to work with.With their help my songs become even better.

What a journey for a song composed on guitar ending up with 2 types of saxophones an keyboard added to the existing guitar, bass, uke, congas and steel drums. This is lifting “On Macrossan Street” to another level.  So catchy with great groove. I love arranging music like this.

Wish I could do this on a regular basis!

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